Program to Service

An easy solution to run program as service

If you have an application that you prefer to run as a Windows service, Application as Service can offer you a number or advantages when handling the application:
Run any applicationApplication as Service is a leading solution for running an application as Windows service. It brings all the advantages to you when it comes to the constant monitoring of the running services, low CPU loading and compatibility with 32- and 64-bit systems. Application as a Service provides you with the detailed information of all events and an intuitive interface.

Application as Windows Service is an ultimate service launcher that makes running program as a service as easy as pie!


If I want to run an application as Windows service, what solutions should I look into?

We answer:

Solution 1 (by standard means of Windows OS): Using additional resources of Windows OS will probably be a good solution, but it won't work if the application you want to run as service wasn't developed for that. Unfortunately this excludes such method, because usually applications are not designed to work as services. Also such method would work only on Windows XP and 2003.
Solution 2 (pre-installed Windows resource kits): This solution will require registry knowledge as well as the ability to work with console. Digging into the registry may be rather harmful to computer, plus it won't give you the possibility to run EXE as service remotely, on scheduled time, etc.

It's obvious that none of the above solutions will allow you to easily and conveniently run EXE as service with flexible customizations.

Eltima solution to run program as a service: With an Application as a Service by Eltima Software you can easily run app as service without any profound knowledge of computer systems. Moreover with app as service you not just run as service any application, but also schedule its launch and restart, manage it locally or remotely, in the background or in active mode.

Other useful options you may want to try:

Run any applicationYou can easily run application as a service even before logging in to the system. Our program as a service application allows you to choose which user account the service will be running under.
Run any applicationApp as a Service supports the great variety of virtualization systems (VMWare, Hyper-V, Virtualbox, Parallels, etc.). More than that it also allows you to run application as Windows service on multiprocessor and 64-bit platforms.

Run any application When you run Windows program as service with Application as Service you can easily control the services running on remote computers as well as the local services.
Run any application Not only you can run program as service with the help of Application as Service, but you can also schedule services launch, set the year, day, and time of service start, stop, and restart.